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And being as you’ve gone to rest
and there is life within me yet
it only seems my duty, though I’m sure you’d disagree
to see beyond myself and seize these opportunities
just to stand there in the shadow of the way we used to be
you and me
you and me

–Justin Farren,  Another Bluebird Day ℗ 2013 Justin Farren

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I Can’t Stand It

I admit, I’ve been a little shut down lately–in self-defense, mind you–regarding the hateful, greedy dumpster fire that is our federal government currently, because I cannot deal with the daily onslaught of untrammeled horror coming out of D.C..  But with the release of the budget, and the intolerable stupidity and heartlessness coming out of the mouths of the people who are stumping for it, I just can’t stand it anymore. There are three things I hate most in life, and those are willful stupidity, meanness, and lying. This government is saturated with all three.

It’s impossible for me to understand all those American voters who voted for what we’re seeing now because they are against “their hard-earned money” going into pockets of people they deem unworthy because they are…well, let’s see, who are they? They are single-mothers, and children, and people of color, new arrivals to these shores, refugees, the poor and vulnerable, and themselves in many cases, but somehow, that doesn’t matter. Somehow, though, they’re just fine with “their hard-earned money” being funneled directly into the deepest pockets in the land. The logic fail on the most basic level just leaves me sputtering in disbelief, and yet it’s happening. I cannot deny it. Robber barons have taken over our government, with the express consent of the people who will suffer most for it, and the majority of us get to suffer right along with them. And they have the gall to be surprised, despite 65,844,610 of us telling them that this was exactly how it was going to be, for 18 months leading up to the election.

What a country. I don’t even know what to do with it. I really, really don’t, because it is so wrong-headed, and the ramifications so dismal, far-reaching, and terrifying that I find it hard to string words together to rant about it, because my basic and constant to reaction to what’s happening is this:

And this:

When you have politicians proudly explaining to us that poor children don’t need free and reduced lunch (often the only meal some kids get all day) because it doesn’t improve test scores, and that the elderly, ill, and homebound don’t need meals-on-wheels (often the only food and human contact some people get all day, or week), we have taken a hard turn to the darkest side. Especially when these cuts are being used to finance tax breaks for people who already have more money than sense or compassion. Their greed is insatiable, and the Trump administration, and all the cronies he’s installed in it, will not be satisfied until they have emptied the treasury of every single cent, and incentive, they can wring out of it for their own current and future enrichment. And they are willing to starve children and old people, to let Americans die without access to health care, to get it.

That is evil, my friends. That is unequivocal evil. And yet these are the people who constantly claim they are the party of morality; that they are the good Christians fighting the righteous fight against the rest of us perverts who think human rights are for all humans, civil rights are for all citizens, and that we ought not let the most vulnerable among us suffer for our selfishness and fear. They don’t know a damn thing about Jesus Christ, or what he stood for.

I have been disappointed in my country before, but this is new. This is despair. We are in real, existential trouble, and people are literally dying, and there will be more, whether they’re shot in the street by racists, or raped and murdered by people who are fans of a President who thinks he can assault women with impunity, or they can’t get the medical treatment they desperately need, or they just quietly starve in obscurity.  I don’t know how we stop this horrible juggernaut. Will it only stop when it has consumed and exhausted all of us, and there is nothing left but corpses and dead earth? Are we going to peacefully, if fearfully, walk ourselves into the ghetto, telling ourselves that if we just cooperate, it’ll all get straightened out, and it couldn’t possibly be that bad?

It can be. It is.