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My thumb may have advanced to merely brown: A Garden Update

I do not know if you recall the sad affair of the fraudulent cactus of a few years back, but in the meantime, I moved the cactus outside. And lo, and behold! It actually bloomed–for real!–this summer. The blooms only lasted a day, but they were quite pretty.


In other gardening news, my tomatoes grew hale and hearty, and I got 5 tomatoes off of them before the weather turned too hot and sterilized them. There were more, but some asshole squirrel decided to take a bite of each (instead of just finishing off one whole one) and those were lost.  I’m hoping to keep the plants alive, and maybe I’ll get a couple more come fall. We shall see.  The ones I did get to eat were delicious, though.



As for the status of the rest of my garden…

Evening Primrose–I think this is actually the last of 5 herbs I planted in this planter, and the only one that survived. There haven’t been any flowers yet but it’s going strong. Also in this pot were Wild Bergamot, Feverfew, Chamomile, and Holy Basil, all dead (and the last disappointingly unresurrected.)
On the left, Oregano, and on the right, Lemon Balm. These are not the originals I planted, which croaked. These are their replacements, which also got singed a little in the merciless sun, but are doing better now that they’re in more shade.  I’ve used the oregano while cooking; I feel like such an earth mama going out to get fresh herbs from my very own garden.
My poor little sage, the last survivor of what had been several sprouts. I don’t know why he is not thriving.
Basil–Doing pretty well (color me amazed!) but the leaves are tiny and stunted.
Italian Parsley (bottom left)–Alive, but got cooked in the early hot days here, and hasn’t quite come back.  I have used it several times in cooking as well.  Lettuce (top)–Holding on, but barely. They didn’t like being moved outside; not one bit.
Chives–Alive but not happy. I’m not sure why they’re so disappointed in life.

As for the rest of my attempts, the watermelon, the lemongrass and the Roman chamomile?  They’re dead, Jim.  The watermelon seedlings couldn’t survive outside, despite daily watering.  The lemongrass sprouted but never really took, and I put too many Roman chamomile seeds in one pot, wherein they grew, but stagnated at a certain point because they were all tangled up in each other.  I took the time to gently separate them and repot them with more real estate, but none of them survived the transplanting, the primary enemy being, as usual here, the sun.  It’s just too hot outside for many plants.  The two kinds of oriental poppies I planted never came up at all, and neither did the garlic chives.  And the Calendula, Peppermint, Purple of Sicily Cauliflower seeds I ordered were never shipped by the seller; still trying to get either my seeds or my money.



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