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Screw thoughtful, sober debate

So I found myself driving up Kolb Road today, and of course every street corner in town is a forest of campaign signs. A new addition this year seems to be signs that were made not by and for candidates, but by other groups against specific candiates, like the “Dump Dupnik” signs. Clarence Dupnik is our sheriff, and has been for many years. He’s a Democrat, which is an oddity in this state, especially for sheriff, I should think; consider Joe Arpaio, mediamonger extraordinaire, who is the Maricopa Co. sheriff, infamous worldwide for housing his prisoners in tents and forcing them (in a bit of casual misogyny that surprises no one) to wear pink boxers. There is a raft of Republican challengers to Dupnik this year, and their signs are out there, too.

These new signs are symptomatic of the general lack of even the thinnest veneer of civility and decency involved in politics these days; politics has always been a dirty, nasty business, but they used to have the good manners to try to hide it. But they pale next to the specimen I found on my afternoon drive. One Ally Miller, who evidently has a huge budget for campaign signs, because I see hers about every 10 yards down any street in town I happen to be on, is running for County Supervisor, which, the internets tell me (because I didn’t actually know what a county supervisor does) is like the city council, for counties.

Ally Miller is a Republican. I didn’t know this for certain, but I guessed as much because someone on her campaign (maybe her?) decided it would be a good idea to attach a pair of little American flags to the corners of her campaign signs, because as everyone knows, Republicans are more patriotic than anyone else in the country. And certainly, when you’re running to sit on the Pima County Board of Supervisors, in the state of Arizona, your allegiance at the national level is a crucial criterion upon which voters will base their choice.

But (and maybe I’m telling this story backwards…get me, I’m Aaron Sorkin!), I didn’t realize that she had adorned all her signs with little waving flags until I was further in my journey and saw several thusly striped and star-spangled. Then the first sign I saw made sense.

Because on the first sign I saw with Ally Miller’s face on it as I drove up Kolb Road, someone had taken the flag and stuck it through her eye.

My first thought was, “What is that?”
My second thought was, “Nice. Who would stop and take the time to do that?”
My third thought was, “Where’d they get the flag?”

As I got closer, I figured out that it was a flag. Several miles down the road and several of her signs later, I realized where the perpetrator had gotten the flag, at least. I still don’t have the answer to the second question, but I think it’s probably fair to say it was not a thoughtful, mature kind of person.

Such is the level of political discourse in America these days, ladies and gents. November 7th cannot come soon enough.



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