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I ate a dog biscuit once; wasn’t bad

So here’s what bugs me about the whole “Obama ate dog” thing:

  1. Obama was a child between the ages of 6 and 10 when this happened. First off, really? You’re really going to mock a child, even 40 years in arrears? What kind of grown person mocks a child? The asshole kind.
  2. Most children in the world have very little control over what food they are served. Anybody with two brain cells to rub together would know that from their own life experiences, and those of everyone they know. When’s the last time you saw a 7-year-old doing the family grocery shopping alone? Little Barack probably had no more say in his dog eating than I did in my tuna fish sandwiches. At my house, if it was put on your plate, you ate it and you liked it, and if you didn’t, you kept your mouth shut and ate it anyway. Being a child, it might’ve never occurred to him to question it. Adults told him it was okay to eat; he ate it. Clearly, he survived the experience.
  3. At the time, Obama was in Indonesia. While we don’t do much with dog cuisine in America, because dogs are our furry, funny friends, the rest of the world has different standards and histories when it comes to what constitutes food. That beautiful, perfectly normal American cheeseburger you’re enjoying would be looked on with at least as much horror by your average Hindu as Americans feel about the idea of eating a dog. To not acknowledge the fact that different cultures eat different things, and this is okay, is ignorant at best, and xenophobic at worst.
  4. While in Indonesia, Obama was a guest. If he had been trained with any manners at all by his folks and family, he would’ve accepted whatever food was shared with him. There would’ve been hell to pay at my house if I’d made a fuss about something a host was serving to me and my family. It’s Just. Not. Done.
  5. Supposedly, this issue was brought up in response to the “dog on the roof of the car” story that has dogged (pun intended) Mitt Romney for years—even his fellow Republicans are giving him a hard time about it. One could argue in both cases that it was 25 years ago, at least, so who cares? But that aside, it’s an unequal comparison to begin with. Mitt Romney was an adult, a father no less, when he put that dog on the roof. Comparing the choices and behavior of a 36-year-old man with that of a child under the age of 10 is ridiculous, regardless of the context.

The whole thing smacks of schoolyard bullying, always done by the biggest, loudest, and none-too-bright kid. It’s not even a secret; the story was recounted in Obama’s own autobiography. Any thoughtful person would realize the above 5 points; but thoughtfulness is pretty scarce during election season. The only reason to mention it is to once again prey on the prejudices of ignorant voters: “Hey, you love your dog, right? Well, Obama, that socialist Muslim foreigner who isn’t at all like you and me? Not only does he want to take all your money and your guns; he’d also eat your dog, given half a chance.”

If the people propagating this crap have no shame in saying it, folks ought to at least be ashamed to buy into it. THINK, PEOPLE! Just for a minute. It would solve so many problems.



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6 thoughts on “I ate a dog biscuit once; wasn’t bad

  1. Huh? What’s going on? …oh man, it’s election season again? I’m avoiding all tv, radio, and internet until 2013.

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