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Famous in the fine print

I got a text from Dar yesterday that said “We were just on KXCI” and I thrilled a little.  Okay, more than a little.  It’s not our album—we don’t have an album.  But last Friday night was the CD release show for Ryanhood’s “After Night Came Sun,” the album Dar and I sang on, with the official release this past Tuesday, and evidently it’s getting some local airplay.  Woohoo!  We and another lady sang the “Oh-oh-ohs” that start off the title track (Track 9), and the “Ba-da-da-das” on “Something More” (Track 5), not to be confused with the “Da-da-daaaahs” on “Remy” (Track 10) along with Ryan and Cameron.  It was fun to do, and when we finally heard the completed tracks, despite the fact that our contribution was not particularly beautiful like the harmonies provided by the Silver Thread Trio, or complicated, we were pretty chuffed.  (Pardon the Brit-speak…we don’t have a perfect equivalent in American English.)  We got to sing with real rock stars.  Happy dance.  And you didn’t.  Neener.

The show blew me away; every time I see Ryanhood, I think they just get better and better, despite the fact that, invariably, I thought they were amazing the time previous.  I dragged myself from my sickbed (where I’d spent the last two days seriously considering trepanation to relieve my miserable sinuses that plague me yet) to attend the concert, and I’m glad I did.  I nudged Beth with my elbow as Ryan was shredding on the electric guitar and shouted, “That’s my guitar teacher!”  Suffice it to say, it will take me more than the years I have left on this planet to learn all that he has to teach me.  As live shows go, you can’t beat Ryanhood for great songs, musicianship, energy, and charm, and they do it all without fancy sets, costume changes, or 20 dancers.  They’re the real deal.  They deserve to be huge, and even though that would probably mean I’d have to find another guitar teacher, I guess I’d be willing to accept that.

I’m a giver.

But I must confess:  what really tickles me is seeing my name in the liner notes of an actual CD.  When look at it, I grin, and my thought process is momentarily reduced to “Squee!”

Click to embiggen

Seriously, how cool is that?  If they’d actually hired me for my singing ability, my little head might well explode.  But I’m not proud; I’m going to enjoy this entirely beyond reason.

It’s a great album, and not just because I’m on it.  Listen to it.  Buy it.  Tell your friends.



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2 thoughts on “Famous in the fine print

  1. It is indeed a great album, and they were awesome in concert. I’m so happy that you sang and recorded with them….a little preview of your life to come…I think SO!
    (Don’t think I didn’t notice you getting your new favorite word in this post, and I’m glad you didn’t bore holes into your skull)

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