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When did I become a cradle-robber?

I first fell in crush with Henry Cavill on The Tudors, where he played Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk, King Henry VIII’s best friend and advisor.  He was tall, dark, and moody, but also had a sense of humor, and was possessed, much to his chagrin, of a both conscience and an unshakeable sense of duty to the king, however wrong the king may have been.  And he was, and remains, handsome as they come.  Yum.

Imagine my  delight, then, when I started seeing trailers for Immortals, a movie I didn’t even know was being made, but is coming out on the very cool (to nerdy types like me) 11/11/11.  He’s also going to be the new Superman, and I have had a thing for actors who play Superman since a pre-teen semi-obsession with Christopher Reeve; the streak continues.  I’m glad Henry’s getting some big time work, because he’s really quite a good actor, and also, hot.  Did I mention hot?


If I still had a locker, I’m pretty sure his face would be plastered all over it, possibly even edging out the still lovely Johnny Depp, as incomprehensible as that may seem.  Although I’m a sucker for men with brown eyes like Depp’s, the blue-eyed Cavill is British, with the genuine accent and everything.  It gives him an edge, at least with me.

I recently read an interview with him where his responses trailed off with “whatever” at least twice, and something niggled at the edge of my heretofore rock-solid (much like his abs) crush, and it made me wonder:  just how old IS this extremely (and I mean extremely) attractive man?

He’s 28.  28 years old, which means that when he was doing the Tudors, he was barely 24—practically a baby.  The 11/11/11 release date of his new movie happens to fall exactly a week before my 40th birthday.  That’s right, the big 4-0.  So while mental images such as this accompany my schoolgirl swoon,

the reality is that I am more


and am lusting, however harmlessly, after a significantly and surprisingly younger man.  And it has brought me up short, maybe because I generally fancy older men.  (Scott calls me a “retrosexual” for that reason.)  For a long time, that wasn’t odd—everyone on the screen was older than I.  Shaun Cassidy was 13 years older than I.  Ditto Simon LeBon.  Christopher Reeve and Alec Baldwin—19 years older.  Robert Downey, Jr., 6 years.  Matthew McConaughey is 2 years older.  Even my beloved Johnny has 8 years on me.    But this Henry Cavill thing made me feel like, without my realizing it, some kind of line has been crossed, and I am on the far side of it now.  I suppose if you keep breathing in and out long enough, it’s going to happen.

Does this happen to anyone else?  What silly little things make you suddenly aware that you have become older than you feel inside your own head?


I've been doing some form of creative writing since 9th grade, and have been a blogger since 2003. Like most bloggers, I've quit blogging multiple times. But the words always come back, asking to be written down, and they pester me if I don't. So here we are. Thanks for reading.

6 thoughts on “When did I become a cradle-robber?

  1. The realization that, at my age, most pro athletes are either retired or “past their prime” makes me feel old.

    Also, seeing pictures of my parents at my age trips me out too.

  2. A few weeks ago I was having blood taken in preparation for upcoming surgery. The 15 year old that was my phlebotomist said, “it’s probably a silly question, but you aren’t pregnant, right”(it was not couched as a question). Okay, it is VERY unlikely, but more and more often as I get older, there are little things people say that remind me I’m a bit “past it”. But hey…..they called me “young” in relation to my colon cancer, so that’s a plus 🙂

    1. Would’ve been better if you’d not been in a position to hear that particular “compliment,” but hey, we take what we can get. I’d also like to know when a women’s health is not going to be first and foremost about whether she is pregnant. Seriously, it’s the first question they ask, as if that’s the only health-related thing that happens to us.

  3. Dear C,

    You will always be a baby to me. I don’t know if that makes you feel any better, but it is true. Time marks us all and as we flow down the river, we see things with a different perspective. Time to get used to it, baby.


    1. It’s not even that I feel bad about it…it just surprises me sometimes. I do think we get a wider, and wiser, view as the years pass, and while there are some things I would’ve just as soon remained an innocent about, that’s not how it goes. I’m not sure I can take much more wisdom and perspective, and I’m both curious and apprehensive about what the next 40 years might bring.

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