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Fresh Ink!

So I had it in my head that I was going to gift myself a new tattoo on my arm for my upcoming 40th birthday this November, and I figured if I wanted to have it by then, I’d need to get started on the design soonish (a tedious process I originally documented for this post, and then decided to spare you; you’re welcome) because I still wasn’t sure what I wanted.  I love my second tattoo, which is big and fancy, but it’s on my lower back, and no one sees it except Scott and my massage therapist.  This one I wanted to be able to show off.

I’d been spending a lot of time with Google images when I finally ran across the inspiration I was looking for.  I saw this, and that was it.  I knew that’s exactly what I wanted; not exactly-exactly, exactly, but the style, placement, and general size were perfect.  So I brought it to my tattoo artist, the most excellent Emily Moreno at Sacred Art Tattoo and asked her to draw something original along those lines.  She was up for it, and got the first draft back to me the next day, and the final draft within the week.  It all happened a lot faster than I expected, but there seemed no reason to wait until my birthday, so I got it done after work last Friday.

This is my third tattoo now, and that’s more than I ever thought I’d have.  A lot of people have said to me that tattoos are addictive, and I’m sure they might be for some people.  But I don’t feel that’s the case for me; rather, I think once I decided to join the tattooed family (a decision that took me a decade to make and act on), once the seal was broken, it wasn’t that big a deal to get another.  Or another.  You’ve done all the soul-searching about marking your body permanently.  You don’t have to go through that again with each new one, at least not to the same extent.  I never say never anymore, but this time around I’m feeling pretty comfortable with the idea that my tattoo family is now complete.  I guess we’ll see.  Speaking of seeing, here it is:



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