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We have met the enemy, and he is us.

Can someone explain to me how an American crashing a plane into an IRS building is heroic, and a foreigner crashing a plane into the Pentagon building is evil incarnate, worthy of nearly a decade of a largely fruitless war of vengeance and blatant profiteering?

Can someone explain to me how people who are anti-government can refer to themselves as “patriots”?  To what do they imagine themselves loyal?  Without a government, you don’t have a nation; you have land.  Without a nation, you cannot have patriots.  How does this logic escape them?

“There’s a huge patriot movement,” Bob Schulz, founder of the anti-government We the People Foundation, said in this article. “I’ve been doing this kind of work for 30 years. Never have I seen the likes of what’s going on now. It’s delightful.”

Yeah, it’s delightful when innocents die because they dared to go to work one day.  It’s nothing but delight as far as the eye can see when a woman and child come home to find their house in flames and their spouse and father dead due to committing a heinous, suicidal crime.  It doesn’t really get more delightful than that.

The crackpots are coming out of the worm-eaten woodwork, praising a man who committed a terrorist act.  These are invariably the same crackpots with the 57 American flags strapped, magneted, and stickered to their cars who urge us to never forget 9/11, when another terrorist did the same and our nation cried out for blood, and got it—a seemingly never-ending river of it.

Indeed, that’s what Joe Stack’s apologists and fans seem to want.  They keep threatening a big change, keep stock-piling weapons, and prophesying a battle to come that will cleanse the Earth of the corrupt and the heathen.

Sounds an awful lot like the videos Osama bin Laden releases, doesn’t it?

If that’s what a patriot is, I’d rather be hanged as a traitor than be counted among them.



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