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Progress report and itinerary

I’ve been making some progress on my new year’s resolutions, and I know you’re all waiting with bated breath to find out how that’s going.

1. Guitar lessons: Well, I took the box of DVDs off the shelf, blew off the dust, paged through the table of contents of the accompanying book and…that’s it so far. However, I HAVE been practicing a brand new rhythmic guitar strum-thingy that I’ve heard the big kids do as I work on a song by Todd “the God” Rundgren, and it while it’s not exactly fluent yet, it sounds mostly like it should, at least to my ear. So that’s forward progress in a new and challenging direction. I say it counts.

2. Photography (say no more): I took a picture of my Icelandic poppy that bloomed a couple weeks ago. I can’t believe it’s still alive! A slow start on the photography front, but I’m expecting to make up for lost time when I go to Mexico next month.

3. PT Exercises: I’ve been doing them. I now have a much more efficient regimen devised by my massage therapist-cum-personal-trainer and all around excellent human being and generous friend, Pam. I don’t know if it’s helping yet, but I’m doing it.

4. Folk Festival Decision: Decided to throw my hat into the Folk Fest ring. It’s good to do stuff that scares you once in awhile; otherwise, you stagnate. I’ve started my application and have been working on my artist bio, which is stupidly difficult, considering that writing is not generally a problem for me. Once that’s done, I pick songs to upload, and from there it’s up to the fates.

5. Cotton-Top Tamarin: Sadly, I have made zero progress on kidnapping my tamarin, who is now like 9 weeks old and looks like this:

Logistics seem to be the problem: a) she’s in Boise, and b) she’s not even on display, so she’s got more bodyguards than P-diddy. I must admit that there is the remote possibility that perhaps this goal was, shall we say, somewhat unattainable. I’ll give it another couple of weeks, and then I’ll hang up my “Mission Accomplished” banner.

In other news, you may have some vague notion that this is traditionally guitar camp time, and you would be right (if only vaguely). However, Beth and I won’t be attending this year. The farmhouse really is a “sick building,” as was amply evidenced by how many people got sick last year. Including me. I swore my brain was leaking out of my nose and eyes simultaneously as I wheezed and sneezed (turned out, it was just snot), and a couple people actually left early. This is going to happen if you’re going to have a 150-year-old farmhouse in a rainforest, and you aren’t totally on top of maintenance. That and it’s cold. Sleep-in-two-sweatshirts-and-a-stocking-cap-under-two-blankets-INDOORS cold. If your nose ain’t running from the mold, it’s running because you’re freezing.

And as busy as December suddenly became, neither of us much lamented not getting on a plane and dealing with the joys of modern travel. Instead, we’re headed up the road to Phoenix this afternoon to enjoy the spectacular ukulele stylings of young Jake Shimabukuro, who is brilliant. I saw him in San Francisco in 2007, and am really excited to see him again. And we’re staying in an old hotel that’s reported to have ghosts. We’ll let you know if we see any.

And here’s a little Jake for you…click the pic:



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4 thoughts on “Progress report and itinerary

  1. Your list is fascinating, every single thing. Mine is boring this year. It consists of absolutely nothing. I had a success rate of 80% on my 2009 list which isn’t bad at all. However, this year I’m just going to not worry about it all.

    I remember how sick you were after last year’s guitar camp. You’ve made a wise decision about opting out this year. But hooray about the folk festival — keep me posted about that so I can do the “fan” thing in the audience for you.

    Have a great time in Phoenix!

    1. Sounds like your resolution this year is to be Zen, June. I think that’s admirable. We had a good time in Phoenix. No certain ghost experiences, but one questionable elevator experience that sure had us wondering!

    1. It is ridiculously hard; you have to brag on yourself without being TOO obnoxious. I suppose that’s why people hire publicists, to write it about them so they don’t have to. I tried that on Facebook, but no one bit. So I’m on me own.

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