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It’s still Friday…

…albeit only for 1 hour and 55 minutes.  My folks have been in town all week, so we’ve been enjoying our evenings with them.  I fell off a ladder at roof height Tuesday at lunch, so my entire left side is fubar, with some spectacular bruises and scrapes from elbow to ankle.  Then there was the holiday, which we spent with blood family, chosen family, and strangers, and it was lovely.  So I’m takin’ ‘er easy, and you’ll hear from me next week.  Hope you had a great Thanksgiving.





I've been doing some form of creative writing since 9th grade, and have been a blogger since 2003. Like most bloggers, I've quit blogging multiple times. But the words always come back, asking to be written down, and they pester me if I don't. So here we are. Thanks for reading.

4 thoughts on “It’s still Friday…

  1. Oh my, Kristie, I’m glad you lived to tell the tale. That’s scary as well as painful. As always, you know I’m willing to help out if you need me. My mission in life: be needed and respond appropriately to that need.

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