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I have to say that I just don’t get the whole Twitter fascination.  To me, it’s blogging for the uncommitted.  I use more than 140 characters when I sneeze, for Pete’s sake.  I’ve been blogging for over 5 years now, and most of those posts have been meaty like a Kansas City stockyard.  140 characters is like giving me only half the alphabet to work with (although I suppose if I wrote them in text-speak, that’s all I’d need).

But hey, maybe there’s something to it that I would appreciate if I just gave it a try.  I mean, how do I know it’s lame unless I actually make an effort to experience it?  So that’s what I’m doing today.  Microblogging, in the name of science and personal growth.

Mark Sanford-Dude! Nobody cares!  And your rush to divulge all the nasty details sounds like bragging.  STFU already. (117)

Preach on, Jimmy.  Real guitar heroes are those who pick up a 6-string and play until their fingers hurt, and then do it again the next day. (140)

When will little people stop being jokes just for living?  Jack in the Box and Burger King, I’m looking at you!  You should be ashamed.  (135)

Note to self:  Sunscreen is not optional while sitting in a pool for an hour on July 2nd.  In Tucson.  Lobster is not a good look for you. (138)

Okay, I’m bored now.  I have bored myself with my own tweets.  There is no fun, no art in it at all for me.  There’s no room to play, to create, to ponder in 140 characters.  I’ll stick with blogging, thanks. (208)

See what I mean?    ^^^



I've been doing some form of creative writing since 9th grade, and have been a blogger since 2003. Like most bloggers, I've quit blogging multiple times. But the words always come back, asking to be written down, and they pester me if I don't. So here we are. Thanks for reading.

One thought on “Tweet-tweet

  1. Hi, Kristie, I’m back from vacation and trying to catch up.

    I don’t get the Tweet thing either and joined it only for about 2 days, along with Facebook. Then it got annoying and pretty much seemed like a bunch of silliness to me so I cancelled my accounts. I do think I’ll survive without the extra social “connections”.

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