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It’s not you, it’s me

Thank you, thank you, you’ve been a lovely president, but I really must be going! It seems that the rats are leaving the sinking ship just as fast as they can come up with a really complimentary kiss-off.

I read the news in a rather scattershot fashion, picking and choosing the news I read by what catches my eye. Which is why I know way too much about Lindsay Lohan, and don’t know who is in Bushy’s cabinet. (I can’t help it; celebrity gossip is my crack.) But today in the news I saw a name I recognized. Mike Johanns, outgoing Secretary of the USDA, is a homeboy, former mayor of my former town of residence, and Scott’s hometown, Lincoln, Nebraska. He held other posts, too, which escape me now. He is, and was, a Republican, so I didn’t pay much attention. I had no idea that he had a cabinet position until he gave it up.

You know, I’ve never left a job I loved. The fact that I’ve never loved a job I’ve had is beside the point; I’m pretty sure if I ever had such a job, I’d hold on to it for dear life. If all these folks are so freakin’ impressed with Dubya, his skill, charm, morality, and intestinal fortitude, and feel honored to have worked for him, why are they tripping over themselves in their rush for the door?

Not that there aren’t many wonderful reasons to live in Nebraska (I have to say that, lest I risk immediate abandonment by the Mister), but if you have devoted your life to politics, as Johanns and some of these others have, Washington D.C. is The Show, and the White House is the top of the heap. You don’t leave that all behind to head back to the Cornhusker State without a good reason. I don’t care if they DO have the best steaks in the world.

It was pointed out to me by Scott that there is a prime window of opportunity for politicos who will soon (but not soon enough) lose their jobs to get better jobs lined up before they’re yesterday’s news, and I suppose that may have something to do with Johanns’ departure. But I also think that the septic tank that is the current regime is fixin’ to burst in an ugly way, and those with a reasonable level of self-preservation instinct are getting out before they are covered in muck and stink to high heaven. If they have further political ambitions of their own, distance from the current mess is their best bet. I don’t think history will remember Dubya kindly, but I think his “loyal aides” that are leaving are hoping that their connection to the man who has spent a lifetime creating and walking away from messes won’t be remembered at all.


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