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We interrupt your regularly scheduled weekday silence for a special post: Prayers for Our World


Some time ago, so long ago I didn’t even remember the details, I created a set of personal prayer flags of prayers for myself, my life, and those I loved. I thought that if those things went out into the world with each breath of wind, they would perhaps find their way back to me. If you don’t know about prayer flags, they are a Tibetan tradition. The idea is that every time the flag waves in the wind, the prayer inscribed on the flag goes out again. This is similar to prayer wheels, which send a prayer out every time they spin.

My dear friend June reminded me that I’d shared the idea with my women’s circle, back when the MoonStar Sisterhood was a group of 6 women. Now it is pretty much two, me and June, and she’s carried the idea in the back of her mind for all these years. She recently asked if I would like to revisit it with her, and collect and send out prayers for the world, or at least people in our world. I said I’d love to. There is a lot of pain and sorrow in the world, in each of our worlds, and there is a lot of power in the connection between people. So it is our hope that perhaps that power can bring healing, even if just a little, to a world that needs it. If nothing else, those who participate know that others are rooting for and hoping with them as they face their life challenges. And we know that it’ll do our hearts good, too.

So June and I are sending a call out to those of you who would like to have prayers sent out for yourself, for people you know, for the greater good. How can you participate? I’ll lift that text directly from June, because she’s already explained it perfectly:

We invite you to join us. You are welcome to post the “Prayers for Our World” icon on your own blog; a small web version is in the right-hand column.

It is difficult to set a deadline because bad things are not going to just end on a specific date and never occur again. But to get this prayer flag project out there in the winds of time, we have to have an end point. If you would like a name (first name and maybe last initial only) or very brief description of someone you want included, please leave a comment here (comments have been enabled) or at Junie Moon’s by September 30.

If you want to submit your prayer wish in private, you are very welcome to e-mail me at All names or descriptions will be held in confidentiality.

Once completed, our plan is to drive to the highest point of the Santa Catalina Mountains the weekend of October 27, tie the flag banners to trees, and say “our” (meaning you and us) prayers.

We’d love it if you would join us.

The Prayers for Our World Project Flag Banner



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